• Sep 18, 2022
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A renowned Italian alpinist has been found safe on Mt Annapurna,

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A renowned Italian alpinist who had gone out of contact for over 24 hours has been found safe on Mt Annapurna, according to a rescue mission.Read more on this: Italian alpinist Giampaolo Corona goes out of contact near Annapurna summit The aerial search and rescue team established radio contact with Giampaolo Corona at around 1:00pm today and he was seen descending below Camp IV at the height of 7400, Mingma Sherpa, quoted the rescue mission as saying from Annapurna region."I am well and don't need any support for now," Corona apparently relayed to the rescue pilot.The alpinist had lost contact with base camp officials yesterday afternoon as he was descending from the summit point of Mt Annapurna.He scaled the mountain without using supplemental oxygen in an alpine style.