• Mar 1, 2022
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244 Nepalis affected by Russia-Ukraine conflict reach safety

As many as 244 Nepalis affected by the Russia-Ukraine Conflict have reached safe destinations in the neighbouring countries, according to Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA).

According to the association, 244 Nepalis have reached safe marked areas of which 60 are in Poland, 12 in Slovakia, 12 in Romania, four in Hungary, and two in Moldova, among other countries.

Meanwhile, 154 Nepalis are waiting at several Ukrainian border crossings on their way to safety, NRNA said. "There are 130 Nepalis seeking safe passage to Poland, 12 to Slovakia, 10 to Romania, and two to Moldova." They are likely to safely leave the country by tonight, the association elaborated.

The government and the NRNA have formed a High-Level Committee for Assistance and Rescue of Nepalis affected by the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

A sub-committee has also been formed under the coordination of Bodhraj Subedi to provide necessary health services to conflict victims.

The NRNA also agreed to mobilise more volunteers in Ukraine border areas, arrange air tickets for those who want to return to Nepal, arrange food and lodging for Nepalis in border areas, mobilise NRNA National Committee for legal advice, set up a rescue mechanism locally, and provide necessary credentials for volunteers.

So far, 400 Nepalis have come in contact with the Nepali Embassy in Germany and the NRNA.