Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition, have become able to form our fantastic crew members from all around Nepal. Many of our team members are with us from the start of our journey in the travel & tour industry of Nepal. Our team members are licensed by the government of Nepal and allowed to lead a different package. We have given our guides and porters special training to overcome any emergency in high isolated regions. They are fully equipped and known with all the possible crises that may arise while traveling in the Himalayas. We have trained our team members to meet the requirements of the new age travel, and cultivated enough to gratify all savvy travelers.

Most of our guides were born in the rugged mountains that you seek to trek in on your holidays. They are native to different regions, which made them highly known to the region, locals, and trails. They share the experiences of their own lives and families, along with their influences and beliefs, which provides a deeper understanding of the local culture & people. Many lasting friendships have been formed between our travelers and local guides. They are a central part of what we call the ‘BTLT’ Travel experience. Perhaps, what’s more, important is that our team as a whole is a group of people who simply enjoy their job.

These are the people who work tirelessly to make your dream adventure a reality.

  • Saroj Neupane

    Saroj Neupane

    Managing Director


    Mr. Saroj Neupane was born on the mountains in an isolated village in the district of Dhading, the home district of the famous Manaslu and  Ruby Valley Trek. Due location of his birthplace, perhaps, Saroj Neupane was destined to become a highly reputed trekking guide over the years. However, a priority for his parents initially, Saroj embarked on his academic career, completed his high school & went on to graduate in Commerce from Nepal’s biggest educational institution – Tribhuvan University.

    The road to success in this part of the world is always a thorny one & Mr. Saroj Neupane began his first arduous journey on the thorny trails of life in the year 1994 as trek supporter carrying trekking equipment & food rations for camping treks on Nepal’s punishing but extremely beautiful trails. His first job was also juggled in between his studies to make ends meet & ease the financial strains for his loving parents. With the hard work Saroj put in & developing an innovative knack for discovering new trails for the convenience of trekkers, Saroj soon graduated into becoming a full-blown trekking guide in the year’s end of 1994, leading trek groups independently.

    Saroj Neupane got his big break to prove his caliber in successfully leading an expedition of a British team from the Lancashire Mountaineering Club group to Island Peak & Pokalde peak in 1997. This also followed up with an alpine trek to Rolwaling – Amphu Lapcha, Renjo La, Tent peak & also Singuchuli. Mr. Saroj Neupane then pulled all the stops to undertake more daring ventures in his love for the mountains when he organized & led an expedition to Chulu Peak with his repeat guests from the Lancashire Mountaineering Club – the UK in the year 2000. This period also coincided with a long-cherished dream when Saroj founded his own company with the name ‘Beyond The Limits Trekking P. Ltd’, when he led this expedition as a well established Tourism Entrepreneur & someone with a profound love for the great Himalayas & nature which blended extremely well into the lifestyles of Saroj Neupane; who didn’t look back after this…from here on, Saroj went on to lead trekking groups throughout the length & breadth of Nepal’s magnificent Himalayas, covering the famous trails of Everest Base camp, Annapurna Base camp, Langtang Valley, the famous Annapurna Circuit, Dolpa, Mustang, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Makalu, Kangchenjunga & Ganesh Himal, Ruby valley & Arun Valley etcetera. Mr. Saroj Neupane is one among a select few who have covered all the most famous circuits of Nepal’s Himalayas with valuable experience that ensured giving his trekking guests the best that all of these trails have on offer.

    Despite being a founder & Managing Director, Saroj did not act the blue collared executive to sit on the chair of a company he worked so hard to establish; Saroj was geared to avoid the respected chair & lead his trekking groups himself, even though he has a team of proficient guides to handle his guests when he’s on the trails. As a reward for his tireless services, Saroj was also elected to the senior post as a member of the Executive Committee of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal [TAAN] for three years from 2011-13.

    Besides his extensive operations in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan, Saroj has also traveled globally for business promotions of his company to England, Scotland, and Wales, Tibet China) & India, South Africa, Turkey, France, Holland, Belgium, & Thailand & Dubai in the Middle East on tourism missions to promote Nepal as the world’s leading destination for high & wild adventure.

    Saroj was also actively involved in earthquake relief missions when the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in the month of April 2015. He has been involved in several other social activities for marginalized communities in trek regions where he firmly believes in giving back to the communities who inhabit the regions he has visited with his trekking guests.

    Today, Saroj has come a long way in the trials of his life on the trails of Nepal’s punishing but otherwise beautiful mountains in blood, sweat & tears. Saroj assures his clients that the company he worked so hard to create ‘Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition’ offers adventurous activities which are well equipped with a team who simply love their jobs on the mountains of Nepal’s extensive Himalayas.

    It is here where Saroj wants you to be familiar with the cultures of a destination and all of it with comfort and planning which will always help you stay fresh and free. When we started off in 2000; it was our vision to provide our guests with extraordinary holiday experiences. Despite our having come a long way today; our approach to travel remains the same and we are just as passionate like the way we were in the very beginning. Come & Share this passion of ours and embark on the journeys of a lifetime.

    Whether you’re one of our past travelers or totally new to us, we invite you to look through the array of Small Group Journeys & itineraries featured on our website…

    Join us and be a part of ‘Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition’ family.

    After you decide on choosing any of our programs, you will soon learn that no matter how physically taxing your adventure or holidays may have been, you will have enjoyed your venture right to the hilt; because Saroj will always go that extra mile to make sure ‘you feel at home’ throughout the whole course of your journey in ‘discovering the unknown from the known’.

  • Anjan Neupane

    Anjan Neupane

    Assistant Manager

    Anjan Neupane is an experienced staff  at Beyond The Limits Trek and Expedition  He has knowledge to handle big group to small. He was born in Manaslu area and grew up in Mountain so, he knows mountain cultural. He has knowladge for office handling . He has been working in Saudi arabia  in office about 5 yearss. He has  brilliant personnel who have been working with Beyond The Limits Treks since 2015.He has been handling diffrent group  with full extend.He is very reliable guide with good sense  of humour.

  • Biplop Neupane

    Biplop Neupane

    Social Media

    Biplop Neupane is Social media handler of Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition. He manages facebook page, Instgram and other social media platfroms of the company. He is a graduate in BBA and he's been with the sompany since 2019.

  • Sneha Shree Gupta

    Sneha Shree Gupta

    Travel Writer


    Sneha Shree Gupta Is Travel writer of Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition. she has been able to collect and write very informative articles. With multiple years of experience, she intends to offer reliable information to readers from all around the globe.she has been working with Beyond The Limits Treks and Expedition since 2015.she has Travel many part of Nepal .

  • Binod Ghimire

    Binod Ghimire

    Finance Manager

    Binod Ghimire Accountant 
    Mr. Ghimire is working as the Accounts head  in Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition. His astute skills in accounting and computer have been very fruitful for the smooth running of the company. Graduate in Commerce and Management Mr. Ghimire  has been effective while planning for the trip to the guest in order to provide effective and efficient journey..He have been working since 2010 as Accountaint , He handle  Vat Tax ,Tds, Insurance and other government Documentation .

  • Sonica Rana

    Sonica Rana

    Sight seeing, City tour Guide
    • 5 Months Work Experience in Radio Sagarmatha as a Reporter
    • Freelancer City Tour Guide since 2011 to till now.
    • 6 months Office package from Nepami computer
    • French Language (Level 3, 1 year from  Alliance Fracaise)
    • Japanese Language from Sakura Japanese School ( Level 2,  6 months)
    • Guide Training from NATHM.
  • Rajan Gurung

    Rajan Gurung

    Office assistant

    Mr Rajan Gurung is exellance of office assitant . He has been working with Beyond The limits Treks since 2014. he have Knowladge  for to handle the office work, we are porud of to have him suche excllent work

Our team consists of  variety of individual with respective skills .Skills owned by individual helped tourist  in completion of  tour  with greater safety and comfort.Our team are from craggy mountain which helped to enhance skill in passing through woods in mountain.Each of our team are equipped with government  license and are highly experience in there respective field .

  • Durga Rai

    Durga Rai

    Senior Japanese Guide

    Durga Rai is  senior Japanese guide who has been working   in trekking field since 1995.Spending childhood  in mountain, he has known in and out of the mountains and its beauty .He is been associated with Beyond The Limits treks since 2014 .He is also one of the recognized bird watcher here in Nepal.He has very fluent Japanese language as well as English langoyage. he has been to Japan many time  so He Lear more than normal Trekking guide Hapitality and Adventure tourism and its service . He has Taken first aid Trainning ,risk assenment Training , Trekking guide Training  and may more .He has  successfully conducted many trekking solving extreme condition and performing treks . 

  • Manoj Bagale

    Manoj Bagale

    Trekking Guide

    Experience in Tourism Industry: 2009
    Years with Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition pvt ltd.: 2009

  • Jeet Bahadur Romba

    Jeet Bahadur Romba

    Senior Trekking Guide

    Jeet  Bahadur Romba senior Trekking In Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition . He is an expert in the trekking field . He started his career as a trekking  cook. When Nepal was very popular for camping trekking . not most of lodge was available . he started  to work in tourism field  since 2000  many years of working experience He has gain knowledge  and up grated Trekking guide , working with a wide variety of customers from all around the world. He is very friendly honest and hardworking with an excellent guiding record and known for his genuine care. He is fluent in English, someone who takes care of all the guests who travel with him. Having trekked in all the regions of Nepal from High altitude to more gentle treks, he has great knowledge of the culture & religions of the areas he is trekking through.

  • Ram Krishna Dhakal

    Ram Krishna Dhakal

    Trekking Guide

    Experience in Tourism Industry: 2010

    Years with Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition p ltd.: 2010

    Favorite Place in Nepal: All around Nepal

  • Kamal Simkhada

    Kamal Simkhada

    Trekking Guide

    Education: Bachelor Running

    Experience in Tourism Industry: 2008

    Years with Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition p ltd.: 2010

    Favorite Place in Nepal: All around Nepal

  • Bipin Rai

    Bipin Rai

    Trekking Guide

    Bipin Rai is born in sangkhuwasava district Estern Part of Himalaya. he is knowledgeable guide for Japanese and English speaking clients. he has done most part of the trek in Nepal Himalaya. Bipin Rai join Beyond the Limits Treks 2014 as assistance guide and he has upgrade  as guide since 2016

  • Dendi Sherpa

    Dendi Sherpa

    Climbing Guide

    Years with Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition p ltd.: 2010
    Favorite Place in Nepal: All around Nepal

  • Sera Sherpa

    Sera Sherpa

    Trekking Guide

    Everest region and Three pass Leader.

    6 Years with Beyond the Limits Treks & Expedition p ltd.: 2012

    Favorite Place in Nepal: Everest Basecamp and all the  High passes

  • Galden Sherpa

    Galden Sherpa

    Climbing Guide

    MR Galden Sherpa is climbing Leader in Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition P Ltd. since 2014 Years. He has been made summite many peak including Mt everest .He is popular climing guide in mountaineering circule he has many achivement in Nepal Himalaya