Beyond The Limits Treks and Expedition can make all arrangements for your peak-climbing excursion as well as acquiring the necessary permits.Nepal is the best place for Peak Climbing. we adventurous traveler, there are 27 mountain r peaks open for climbers. Nepal government Gave authority to Issue this peak permit to Nepal mountaineering association. Nepal mountaineering association classified two categories among those 27 mountain peak Group “A” NMA Climbing Peaks and  Group “B” NMA Climbing Peaks. This association was created to control climbing in the Nepalese Himalayas to protect the health and safety of both the climbers and the mountains. As an active member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, All climbers are required to obtain permission for peak climbing through a trekking agency beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition is an active member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Peak climbing in Nepal is usually both technically and physically very challenging activity. We provide full board & base camp services for peak climbing in Nepal. We also provide trained, qualified, and experienced climbing guides to ensure the safety and success of your expedition. By Himalayan standards, these peaks may seem minor in scale, but in reality, they offer an exciting challenge, giving you a taste of adventure on snow-covered Mountains.