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The Everest Base Camp Trek is the greatest Himalayan expedition. On this trek, you will spend 12 to 16 days in Nepal, trekking to the lap of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Leaving your daily life, the noise of the city, and polluted air, you will embark on a life-changing endeavor amidst verdant valleys and magnificent mountains.

Reaching Everest Base Camp, located at 5,364 meters above sea level, is a huge achievement in itself. However, the journey is even more incredible. There are adventure, cultural experience, mountain lifestyle, delicious foods, welcoming natives, nature, diverse landscapes, tranquility, laughter, and stories.

The Everest Base Camp trek is considered a must-do among the trekking community. For mountain and adventure enthusiasts, seeing the tallest mountain on Earth face to face is a bucket list activity. Almost two weeks of focus and perseverance will change your life. The journey is adventurous but also demanding in many ways.

You will test your limits and push your physical and mental boundaries. At the end of the trip, a new perspective, motivation, and inspiration will fill your heart and mind. If you have made up your mind and are determined to reach Everest Base Camp, then you will. With local travel supporters like us, trekkers do not have to worry about anything.

The trekker's infrastructure along the Everest Base Camp trail is fantastic, so you do not have to struggle with accommodation and food. As per your budget, you can enjoy budget-friendly or luxury services. Even the luxury trek is not super expensive, and you can also combine helicopter flights.

We take care of all the arrangements for the EBC trek, including permits, accommodation, transportation, guide, porter, etc. Not only that, but we and our rescue team also stay on standby until you return to Kathmandu in case any unseen situation requires helicopter evacuation.

There are many reasons to put Everest Base Camp trekking on your bucket list. We have shared a few below:

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Why should you hike to Everest Base Camp?

Explore diverse climatic zones, vegetation, valleys, and glaciers: Sagarmatha National Park.

The Everest Base Camp trek route is within the Sagarmatha National Park. From lush rhododendron and magnolia forests to terraced fields and glaciers, you will encounter different climate zones and vegetation along the route. Many parts of the route are connected with suspension bridges, which are quite thrilling to cross.

The longest one is between the Phakding and Monjo villages, known as the Tenzing Hillary Suspension Bridge. It is named after the two humans who first reached Mount Everest. The Sagarmatha National Park starts from Monjo village onwards and goes up to the top of Mt. Everest.

If we hear the word Himalayas or Everest, it always sounds dry, cold, and isolated. However, you will be surprised to see its lushness in the lower part of the region. Diverse vegetation is spread throughout the lower part of the trail.

You will notice a significant change in the landscape between Tengboche and Dingboche villages. The trail goes through dense forests and gradually ascends via terraced fields. Above Dingboche village, the treeline fades away, and you will find yourself surrounded by rocks, glaciers, barren hills, and mountains.

Experience standing in front of the tallest natural wonder on Earth:


Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth. Reaching its summit is not physically, mentally, and financially accessible for everyone. But most humans can reach Everest Base Camp, the highest point you can walk to on Mount Everest, on a trekking permit.

From here onwards, climbing begins. Mt. Everset is not just tall but also giant. As you start trekking from Lukla and gradually ascend, the mountain's grandeur will get close to you, revealing its extraordinary magnificence.

The summit is not visible from the base camp, so trekkers do a short hike to Kala Patthar to see it. The aura Everest holds and the experience trekkers get just by trekking to its base camp is unimaginable. We cannot put it into words. Every human has to feel it by themselves.

But one thing we can guarantee is that it will be life-changing. You do not have to be an experienced trekker to trek to Everest Base Camp. With preparation, knowledge, and support, we believe anyone can do this trek.

We have examples of kids, youngsters, and even senior citizens completing the EBC trek. It all depends on your determination and willpower. If you are ready to be uncomfortable and go beyond general human capabilities, embark on the Everest Base Camp trek.

Behold spectacular mountain scenery:


The best views come after the toughest walks, and the Everest Base Camp trek proves it. This trek is famous for breathtaking mountain vistas and diverse landscapes. The trekking route is spread across various altitudes, so trekkers see a wide range of landscapes.

From Lukla to Kala Patthar, you will see dense forests, lush valleys, rivers, waterfalls, streams, gorges, picturesque villages, terraced fields, barren hills, glacier fields, glacier moraines, glaciers, and mountains. The trail goes from sub-tropical forests to alpine zones.

As the journey progresses, the mountain views unfold. Apart from Everest, you will see numerous stunning mountains like Thamserku, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, Baruntse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Island Peak, Kanchenjunga, etc.

Let's not forget about the astonishing Khumbu Glacier and Khumbu Icefall. Likewise, you will also witness many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets during the trek. The power that holds the beauty of the Himalayas is unbelievable.

A close encounter with Sherpas, one of the strongest humans, and enjoy a simple yet satisfying mountain lifestyle.

Sherpas are natives of the Everest region. They are known for their robust build, strength, mind power, and resilience. Sherpas are the ones who make climbing the Himalayan mountains safe. Without their support, climbing a mountain, especially in Nepal, is not possible.

From fixing tents to helping you reach the summit and return safely, they are involved in every step of the expedition. They are the best expedition partners because they are used to high altitudes and the Himalayan environment and have been exposed to mountaineering from a very early age.

Besides their mountain knowledge and climbing skills, the Sherpas are also very friendly, kind, and humble. They are very attached to their roots and believe mountains are their gods. You will get to see their lifestyle and culture during the Everest Base Camp trek.

The trail goes through picturesque villages, where you will meet with Sherpa families and other mountain communities. Spend time with them and talk to them. You will definitely hear many stories and myths.

Along the way, you will explore stupas, monasteries, chortens, and prayer wheels, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs. You will also be amazed by their hospitality and generosity.

Push your physical and mental boundaries: intense personal growth:

Everest View Trek-5

The Everest Base Camp trek is difficult even though it is known to be beginner-friendly. The terrain is not challenging, but daily 6 hours of uphill walking and the elevation rise make the trek difficult. Trekking to EBC is unlike walking in the park or a usual day hike. It requires much more physical stamina and mental fortitude.

During the trek, you will test your limits and endurance. You will also go beyond your boundaries, both physically and mentally. We love how the Everest Base Camp trek allows humans to see what they are capable of if they are willing to push themselves.

As the elevation increases, you will gradually get used to high altitudes and lower oxygen levels. Every progress in the journey will make you feel confident and ready for more advanced trekking routes. In general, you will cover 9 to 15 kilometers per day on rugged and rocky terrain.

The trail exposes you to steep tracks, suspension bridges, occasional river/stream crossings via stones and wooden logs, etc. You will hone your physical skills and knowledge about Himalayan trails. By the end of the day, you will find muscles aching and lungs burning, but it will also build your mental resilience.

You are only going to blossom during the Everest Base Camp trek. The best thing is many trekkers lose 4 to 5 kg of weight by the end of the trek. So, if you are worried about your health and weight, we highly recommend trying EBC trekking.

The sense of accomplishment is also huge on this trek. Fighting with your demons, you will rise high. Trust us, the Everest Base Camp trek will just be starting for you. Once you accomplish it, you will find yourself craving more challenges and adventurous routes, which will only make you stronger.

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Join the most uplifting community and experience camaraderie like never before:


Not everyone talks about it, but trekking to Everest Base Camp is more than just a journey. Along the way, you will meet travelers from around the world. Everyone is friendly and humble. The guide and porter you will trek with keeps motivating you to walk ahead.

You will see trekkers of all ages, from kids to 60+, which will inspire you to keep continuing the journey. The overall experience is very impactful, as you will feel very strong support from the local community, your crew, and fellow trekkers.

Everest Base Camp is one of the places where people from all across the globe visit. It is a melting pot of humans of all colors, genders, ages, and backgrounds. No one is big. No one is small. With one single goal, everyone is moving forward. The environment is enriching and delightful.

During the trek, people forge lifelong friendships, plan the next adventure together, and make memories to cherish forever. The guides and porters are the main pillars of Everest Base Camp trekking. With their support, humor, expertise, and invaluable encouragement, reaching Everest Base Camp becomes much more manageable.

Once you enter the trekking community of Nepal, you become part of something much more significant than yourself!

The finest trekking infrastructure in the Himalayas:


The Himalayan region of Nepal is remote and not connected with the rest of the country. There is no road transportation, and walking is the only way to travel. There are no towns and cities. Residents live in small villages scattered throughout the trekking routes.

The highest settlements are mostly below 5,000 meters. Above this height are only glaciers and starting points of mountain expeditions. The services for trekkers are not that great on most trekking routes.

There is no option other than basic tea houses, limited choice of meals, and shared washrooms. But that is not the case for the Everest Base Camp trek route. The infrastructure has grown rapidly because of its popularity and the huge number of trekkers every year. You can get a room for USD 5 to USD 10.

For individuals who would love better services and accommodation, there are luxury lodges available throughout the trail as well, ranging from USD 150 to USD 250. This makes trekking to the Everest Base Camp more doable.

These days, you can also trek helicopter flights in and out of the region at a very affordable price. The trail is well-marked, so you will not get lost until you go off of the main route. Comfortable beds, warm meals, and a vast menu, including pizza, biryani, pasta, etc, are also available.

You will get WiFi in many villages and can use data to go online, even at the base camp. The network may not always be stable, but you have the chance. The experience and comfort will be much better if you choose luxury lodges.

Unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with your higher self: digital detox:

During the Everest Base Camp trekking, you will not follow your city routine and lifestyle. The region is disconnected from modern cities. You will follow the mountain lifestyle throughout the trek, which is staying offline most of the time, enjoying nature, living in the moment, and spending time with locals and fellow trekkers.

It is true that the Everest Base Camp trail sees a good number of trekkers every year, so the trail gets a bit crowded, or we can say joyful. It doesn't mean you will not have your fair share of tranquil moments. Even with the same goal, everyone has their own journey and pace.

You are not competing with anyone. You will have your own pace and opportunity to relish every step. Take frequent breaks to soak in the landscapes and fresh air. Daily long hours of walking will make you forget all your worries.

At the end of the day, exhaustion, tiredness, and excitement for the next day will make you fall asleep right away. You will have the sweetest sleep of your life throughout the trek. Likewise, you will have lots of time to reflect on yourself and your life. The internet is not reliable, especially when you go above Tengboche village.\

The weather and terrain affect the speed and connection. So rest assured you will not get a chance to scroll long hours. In just 3 to 4 days of the trek, you will find yourself less anxious and disconnected from the obsession with the internet. This factor of the Everest Base Camp trek is a game changer.

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