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New York State Assembly woman Jenifer Rajkumar officially introduced a resolution proclaiming May 29 as the Mt Everest Day in New York.The member of the New York State Assembly also announced that the Mt Everest Day would be celebrated on May 29 at the Albany Assembly Hall next year. "Summiting Everest is one of the greatest achievements anyone can do and many of these Sherpas have worked tirelessly to help others to the summit. Besides the physical challenges of mountaineering, the Sherpa community have faced economic instability, the threat of natural disasters, dangerous working conditions, and unequal pay compared to western counterparts.

This event will give Sherpas the recognition they deserve," Jennifer said.According to Passang N Sherpa, President of the US Nepal Climbers Association Inc, the declaration was made during a special event organised in Albany yesterday. "Many leaders and social activists joined the program."On May 29, 1953, Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary became the first people to climb Mt Everest. Hence, this day honours Everest mountain climbers around the world and celebrates the feats they have achieved since 1953.Record-holding climber Vanessa O'Brien, who is also the honorary ambassador for the USNCA said, "I am very proud of the Sherpas at USNCA and Assemblywoman Rajkumar for leading these efforts. By adopting May 29 as Mt Everest Day, all New Yorkers will be able to celebrate what great achievements are possible, while remembering what we stand to lose if environment threats are not addressed. Where New York leads, others will follow."On the occasion, the Assemblywoman also honoured more than 60 Everest climbers.

According to Sherpa, acting Nepali Consul General Bishnu Prasad Gautam, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer; Queens Borough Deputy President Rhonda Binda, US Ambassador of Healthfor the United Nations Sima Karetnaya, International Journalist & award winning writer Leong Ying, Global Council of Hindu Leaders Secretary General Dileep Kumar Thankaapan, Queens District Democratic leader Anthony D. Andrews Jr., Democratic Nominee of NYC District 25 Shekhar Krishnan and Council Member and Executive Director of Woodside on the Move Steven Raga among others attended the event.


Source:- By The Himalayan times Online

Published: 06:40 pm Oct 04, 2021


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