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Popular actor and singer of such tunes like Kalakatte Kainyo Jayananda Lama has passed away.He was found dead in front of his house at Sachet Marg, Lokanthali, Bhaktapur on February 23. According to actor-director Krishna Malla, his body was found lying dead near his car in front of his house in the early morning of February 23 by some milkmen."His legs were stuck in his car, his head which was on the ground was bleeding," Malla said informing that his body was then taken to the KMC Hospital at Duwakot, Bhaktapur for post-mortem on suspicion of murder at around 9:30 am.The post-mortem results have not been revealed yet.According it Malla, he must have been dead at around 2:00 am based on the statement of Lama's neighbours."Lama's sons were out, and his neighbours said that Lama's car was not seen till 2:00 am.So he must have passed away after that."Dipendra Lama, Chairman of Film Critics Society Nepal, said it is suspected that Jayananda may have suffered a heart attack while parking his car in front of his home which is why he fell from the car and hit his head on a nearby wall.Dipendra, who worked with Jayananda in film Bardan, recalled , "Two years ago, he portrayed the role of the father to an actor in the film Dui Numbari. But the shoot of the film stopped due to the lockdown. We were planning to reshoot the film in April.

But as he had already made a commitment to do three more films, we were discussing on how to manage the dates for Dui Numbari."He added, "He was friendly and a person with a good sense of humour. He was punctual, professional, and dedicated to work."Jayananda, who hailed from Barhabise of Sindhupalchwok, started his singing career before joining the film industry. He became popular as folk singer, actor, producer as well as director. Kalakatte Kainyo, Lau Na Hajur ke Garun, Salala Paani are some of his famous folk songs, while his tele-serial Halka Ramailo is popular.He studied Bachelor's of Music at Lalit Arts Campus and got a Master's degree in Music from Allahabad, India. He also taught music in Tribhuvan University for around four years.Remembering his experience of making the tele-serial Marshall with Jayananda in 1994, Malla said, "Lama (Jayananda) was equally talented in dancing, singing and acting. He started singing since 1971."He was the most popular national folk singer after singer Kumar Basnet then.Jayananda made his acting debut with the movie Mann ko Bandh in 1973.Actor/comedian Hari Bansa Acharya, who was a roommate of Jayananda's during his (Acharya's) struggling phase said, "Jayananda was a dancer during my schooldays. I was influenced by him.Later, I became close to him.

He took me in the Bhairab dancing team. I got a chance to learn many things there. In 1978, I had organised the Gai Jatra festival celebration programme in collaboration with Mahesh Thapa and Jayananda Lama where I got the gold medal. I did many programmes in collaboration with Jayananda Lama.He is my unforgettable friend. We were friends since I was 16. I knew him as a dancer at first, later as a singer and then as an actor. It is rare to find multiple talents in a single person. He was friendly to all. It is painful to lose such a good member of my team."Lakka Jawan, directed by director Shiva Hari Paudyal, became Jayananda's last film. It is scheduled to be released on May 6.Paying his tribute to Jayananda, Paudyal said, "He knew how to love juniors and respect seniors and also how to entertain all. Whenever he smiled, he would bring a smile on the faces of even those people who were in a sad mood.With his demise we have lost one good film personality."Rabindra Khadka, President of Film Artistes' Association of Nepal, remembered Jayananda for his good performance as a character actor playing the hero's father, and policeman among others in films and telefilms.

He said Jayananda was a good dancer of Tamang Selo.Actor Deepak Raj Giri recalled, "He loved laughing and he would laugh in such a way that even a crying baby would laugh. He used to tell many jokes as well. He was a complete package of entertainment.His accent fitted well for comedy. I am heartbroken to lose such a respectful person."As per Jayananda's younger son Yeju Nanda Lama, his body will be kept at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi for people to pay their last tributes on February 24 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Then his body will be taken to the Swoyambhu graveyard for his last rites according to Buddhist culture, as per Dipendra. Jayananda is survived by his wife, two sons, and daughters-in-law.A version of this article appears in the print on  Source:- February 24, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.

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