About Mountain Biking In Nepal

At present, Mountain Biking has been more and more popular among the adventure fanatics from the entire world. Nepal is one of the best countries for mountain Biking Beyond the Limits Treks and Expedition also organize cycling holidays  Tour Holidays, family Holidays and trekking holidays in Nepal..get a move on if you would love to be spellbound witness a beautiful picture of surroundings riding on a mountain bike on adventurous trails and get the most memorable experience ever. And no doubt, Mountain Biking in Nepal will offer you such experiences.

Widely, Nepal is popular as the Himalayan Kingdom with assorted sceneries and breathtaking natural beauty. And the country offers you the range of trails -from easy to challenging ones passing some of the most noticeable and striking settings in the whole world. With the magnificent surroundings of the huge Himalayan ranges, the verdant valleys, bottomless forests, the enjoyable terraced fields, and the warm nature of the local inhabitants, you will ever forget the tour.
And, the best seasons for mountain biking in Nepal are in between November and January. Also, another best time to go for the biking is February to April as the warmth is fair and the climate remains eye-catching. In addition, months flanked by May to July are good too for riding the lofty elevations like the Mustang area where we cannot find rain.
We arrange bike tours in Nepal which is specially arranged to take you deep into the lifestyle and culture of the local people and demonstrate to you the finest trails in the Himalayan region, where the majority of mountain bikers hardly ever get an option to ride.