Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Moderate

About National Park Hiking Day Tour

National park hiking day tour – is one of the popular trips for nearby Kathmandu Valley A short but compressed hiking day to a nearby place will surely help everyone freshen up from the hectic workdays. This small package consists of lots of fun: visit a religious shrine, hiking to a mountain lying above the crowded city below, and a return-descend to river resource to compensate for the work! Does seem promising and tempting too perhaps! (drive Budhanilakhntha by bus/ car visit Bhuda Nilakhntha and walked Pani Muhan. entrance gate and walk into Shivpuri Nagarjuna national park 13.5-kilometers. pack lunch, breakfast you hotel, Sundari Jal to Kathmandu drive

After getting our bags packed with lunch for the day and breakfast at the hotel, we leave for Budhanilkantha — the largest and most beautiful carved stone statue, located 10 kilometers from Kathmandu at the base of Shivapuri Hill. It is a 5 meters long statue of Hindu god Vishnu lying submerged in water and reclining in the coils of the Shesha Naga, a mythical serpent.

Next, a short walk ahead to Pani Muhan, a nearby water source, and we reach the entrance gate of the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The 13.5 km hiking kicks off from there.

Shivapuri NP, the nearest from Kathmandu, stands as a good hiking destination for a day. The flora and fauna that exist all over the route and the height of the place from where Kathmandu can be seen through the bird’s eye just mesmerize the effort. Spread over the summit of 2730m, many species of plants including the Rhododendron, Oaks, and Pine trees and animals like Black Panther, Common Leopard, Rhesus Monkeys, reside within the area. There is a monastery at the top of the park, a spot from where a panoramic view of Kathmandu valley, Baghdwar, the site of origin of Bagmati River, we can see all the Kathmandu valley can be seen. The hike is one of the short and sweet comfortable for a day’s trip.

The hiking then descends to Sundarijal. The water at Sundarijal, a drinking water supply resource for Kathmandu, is sure to make you feel an awesome experience. Finally, we return to the hotel by taxi.

What's Included


  • National park fee
  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Car for driving to Budhanilkhantha
  • Driving by car from Sundari Jal